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DAMN! That was good!

Wow...Last Saturday's show at the High Dive was incredible. A huge thank you to our friends in Outshined - a Tribute to Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog for sharing the bill with us. You guys rock and warmed the room up nicely for us. Rane Stone (Who the F#ck is Rane Stone) even jumped up on stage and did a couple of Alice in Chains song befor WiB took the stage!

The crowd was amazing! The energy was felt all throughout Fremont, I'm sure! By far our best sing along participation to date! Check out our mash up video of Daughter / Another Brick in the Wall so you can feel what I'm talking about. Good stuff!

Next up is Washed in Black with SilverGun at the Rose Hill Hideout in Kirkland, WA on March 26th! Hope to see you there!

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