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Washed in Black is proud to partner with Seattle Children's Hospital and  Strong Against Cancer.  A portion of all band proceeds are donated to this great cause.






2015-09-26 Flights
2015-10-16 Skylark Cafe
2015-09-26 Flights-VIP
2015-11-13 LouieGs
2016-02-13 High Dive
2016-03-26 Rosehill
2015-15-28 Main Street 2
2015-11-14 Sound Check
2015-12-12 Fuel
2015-15-28 Main Street
2016-04-01 7 Cedars
2016-04-15 Tulalip
2016-05-13 Sound Check Combo
2016-05-13 Sound Check
2016-06-25 Billy Blues
2016-07-23 3rd Wheel
2016-06-17 The Cove
2016-07-22 Badlander POSTER
2016-07-30 Tulalip
2016-06-25 Billy Blues 2
2016-06-04 3rd Wheel
2016-07-22 Badlander
2016-07-21 EK Days
2016-05-25 Hinterhof
2016-08-19 BOTNW High Dive
2016-10-29 Ballard Elks
2016-11-12 Capps Club
2016-08-20 Layne Staley - Croc
2016-11-26 7 Cedars
2016-09-02 BOTNW Sound Check
2016-12-03 The Cove
2016-09-17 Main Street
2017-02-04 High Dive
2016-10-08 Flights
2017-02-25 WIB Billy Blues - SOLD OUT
2017-02-17 3rd Wheel - Unplugged
2017-02-24 Wild Hare OC
2017-02-18 River City RF - Pin
2016-11-11 Jazzbones
2017-03-17 The Point
2017-03-11 BOTNW Tulalip - SOLD OUT
2017-03-18 Jazzbones
2017-03-17 The Point1
2017-05-05 BOTNW at Capps
2017-05-06 BOTNW at Louie G's
2017-04-22 Central
2017-04-22 Central Unplugged

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Washed in Black is comprised of a group of seasoned musicians reigning from the great Pacific Northwest. Banded together to pay homage to the music of Pearl Jam and to bring the full concert experience of one of the most prolific bands of our time.


Through our tribute in both full concert, and unplugged formats, we aim to capture the sound, spirit, and vibe that helped to define a bold new era in rock. It is our goal with each performance to share that experience, and the vibe, that literally defined an era with our friends and our fans. Tipping a bottle of wine to you......


What some folks are saying:

“They pay tribute to the music of Pearl Jam and do it right, with great sound, energy, attention to detail and a live performance second only to the boys in PJ themselves”

 JT Phillips – Jar Of Flies (The Ultimate AIC Experience)


“What a great show! If you are even a little bit interested in this show you should go. It is completely worth it. Saw them last night and they were amazing! I was missing my flannel, shorts, and Doc Martin’s. Great show”

Shane Mellott – Fan


“You guys kicked **cking ass. I just saw PJ in Telluride and as my wife, daughter and I were walking on to Main Street you guys were playing “Black”. We literally looked at each other and didn’t have to say a word. The energy you guys have on stage as well as the amazing amount of talent you have to pull of Pearl Jam is untouchable. Thank you all for doing what you do, best **cking band to come through here in a long **cking time.”

Matt Yelenich - Fan


“….the show was fabulous! I wanted to let you know that was great, and we’ll definitely be planning on having you back sometime, hopefully in the not too distant future.”

Lori Nemitz – Entertainment Director, Tulalip Resort Casino


“Everyone said you absolutely killed it last night. I’ll touch base next week and we can lock in some future dates.”

Sean Spain – The Red Sky Agency



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We like hrearing from our fans and  are available for all types of events in full electric concert mode or "unplugged" formats. We'd love to hear from you.

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